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Lamda Examinations

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

LAMDA is one of the country’s foremost Drama schools, based in London. The Examination side of it began a very long time ago focusing on clear speech, an understanding of what you are saying, and an awareness of the situation.

In every exam there is a questioning section. As time has moved on, so LAMDA has spread to many countries Worldwide. I was lucky enough to be invited on to the board over 30 years ago and to travel worldwide meeting so many lovely people and of course children and young adults. I need to add – many candidates sit these exams much later on in life.

The subjects which are now offered are:

  • Verse & Prose
  • Spoken English / Public Speaking
  • Reading for Performance
  • Acting
  • Mime
  • Devised Performance
  • Musical Theatre

John is a University student who has just sat LAMDA gold medal public speaking

Please come and join in the fun.
Classes can be suited to your needs and time.