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Adult Classes

As an adult, effective and clear communication can be of paramount importance to everyday life, be it in a social or business environment. We offer classes to suit your individual needs in:

  • Public Speaking
  • Reading Aloud
  • Speaking of Verse & Prose
  • Musical Theatre

and whatever you feel you require to help with your confidence and clarity in all situations. Click below to see more.


We have been providing speech, pronounciation and language assistance to business professionals for a number of years, from barristers to performing arts professionals looking to improve their speech clarity.

We have the necessary skills and qualifications to ensure you speak with projection and confidence.

International Students

Students who may be new to the English language, or require further skills in their public speaking will benefit hugely from classes with us.

Being TEFL qualified, we are able to assist with your diction, pronounciation and overall mastery of the English language to give you improved confidence in your verbal communication.

Public Speaking

Speaking to an audience is a skill that can be honed and developed, whether it be overcoming nerves and having confidence in your speech or ensuring you have the extra clarity you require. Lessons with us can benefit you.

Anoushka sat 2 medals on the same day. Silver Medal Public Speaking and Gold Verse and Prose.

Public Speaking • Best Man’s Speech • Father of the Bride’s Speech • Groom’s Speech • Work Presentations • Conference Speaking • Interview Techniques • Preparation • Assemblies • English Speaking • Pronounciation • Foreign / International Students • Acting • Musical Theatre.

Contact us for further details.

Ella learning how to perform and introduce movement to a song.

Musical Theatre LAMDA Medals

Singers, would you like to achieve greater projection, stage presence and awareness of space?

Why not join us and work towards gaining Medals in LAMDA Musical Theatre examinations. You will also gain UCAS points for these examinations.


Are you hoping to work as a professional actor?

Do you need help with working on and finding Audition pieces?

We can help you prepare, perform and stage your work.

Reading for Performance

If you are an adult who is interested in all this work, yet you feel you need time and confidence before leaving a script behind, reading for Performance is where it can all begin.

We can help you work out themes for reading a few pieces and also help in the staging and presentation of them.